Monday, May 17, 2010

Breakfast Burritos

Flour tortillas
In a bowl, lightly mix the eggs (mostly breaking the yolks), throw in a bit of oil and some seasoning (cumin, chipotle sauce, whatever) and let sit until pan heated and scramble
Hash browns- can use frozen and follow package directions or make them from scratch with fresh potatoes. Shred potatoes with cheese shredder rinse and dry! Don’t forget this step to get some starch off so they will stick together.
Meat- bacon, chorizo, sausage, whatever
Leftovers in fridge from the week- black beans, sautéed onions or green peppers, etc.

Cook everything and pile it your tortilla. Top with sour cream and salsa then roll it up. You just can’t mess these up. They are so good!


  1. This should be your husbands first cooking project in new kitchen. :-)

  2. Your husband needs to come visit so he can make this. I'll let him use my messy, disorganized kitchen. :-)