Friday, April 13, 2012

Lip Gloss

I tried a different lip gloss recipe that was simple but did not have any coloring or strong scent.
I saw THIS recipe and wanted to try it. I liked the results. The smell is strong so I might cut back on the candy flavoring next time but the results were fantastic. I found the little containers at WinCo in the travel section in packs of two. My 2 year old wanted to add glitter to the gloss but I managed to convince her the scent was enough.
Here is my version of the lip gloss:
1 t. beeswax
4 t. coconut oil
4 t. Vaseline
4 pink candy melts
1/2 t. oil-based candy flavoring

I melted the ingredients in a mini crockpot then used a glass measuring cup to pour them into the clean containers. You could also melt them in a ziploc bag over hot water or in the microwave if you melted the beeswax first and stirred often.

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  1. I made the most recent batch with 2t. beeswax and I liked the thicker version better.

    Cherry candy flavoring with pink vanilla meltaways is shown above. I also made Mint candy flavoring with chocolate meltaways, yummy!